Strophaire Rouge-Vin – Trousse de Culture – Stropharia rugosoannulata

Trousse de culture de champignons Strophaire Rouge-Vin


Discover this permaculture gourmet mushroom, the best outdoor variety.
Advanced level!

This kit allows allows you to ease your growing experience of outdoor gourmet mushrooms. Install outdoors. Produced from upcycled coffee grounds respecting the environment and the health of human beings, our kits are entirely free from fertilizers and pesticides.

Wine-Cap Stropharia growing kits – stropharius rugosoannulata – are our first secondary decomposer offered in store.

Known for its usefulness in permaculture and urban agriculture, the king stropharia allows to revaluate garden residues – dead leaves, branches, straws. etc. – into culture substrate.

It is highly recommended to introduce this variety into garden, ideal for Fall gardening!!

One Homegrown mycelium growing kit can produce up to 1 pound of fresh mushrooms over 2 months, or inoculate up to 5 times its masse ad vitam æternam.

Extraordinary permacole innovation – our mycelium allows to revaluate garden residues as well as many organic household residues into a food source in the mushroom growing substrate!

Improve your mycelium mileage

After many months of culture, your grow kit will yield smaller harvests as the substrate will have been depleted of its nutriments by the action of producing mushrooms. Do not worry; your culture is still fully alive; it only lacks the proper food content to grow forever more. You can improve your mycelium mileage by feeding it with many carbon sources; spent coffee grounds and filter, spent tealeaves and bags, any wood product including corrugated cardboard and paper, brown garden debris as branch, leave and stalk as much as dead wood in the form of logs and stumps. As mycelium propagates by contact, your grow kit will become an inoculum – a mushroom culture vessel – this will allow you to deploy the culture of on those substrates, turning those debris into mushrooms in a matter of months. Download our detailed booklet for more information.

Our packages are done in a traditional way, right in Montreal. The raw materials used are collected within a radius of less than 2 km from the production sites in order to reduce the ecological footprint. Deliveries and postal items are grouped together as much as possible following this same desire to reduce the collective ecological borrowing.

Champignons Maison kits use a technique stimulating the mycelium’s immune system to prevent the proliferation of ambient contamination.

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Wine-Cap Stropharia