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Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in Canada, right after water !
Each year, thousands of tons of spent coffee grounds end up in the wastelands, while it is so rich and can be upcycled in so many second live.

Homegrown Mushrooms activly promote one of the broadest upcycling initiative in Canada by cultivating edible and medicinals mushrooms from our grow kits made mainly of spent coffee grounds.

Grow up to over a pound and half of deliciously fresh mushrooms with our ready-to-grow kits, available in many varieties.

Designed to facilitate indoor growing year long, the mycelium blocs (roots of mushroom) can also be integrated in the garden as a fertilizer stimulating the soil and plants while producing mushrooms frequently during the great season.

Proudly made in Montreal, Home Grown Mushroom is 100% Canadian.



How to Grow your Own Edible and Medicinal OYSTER Mushrooms:


 *please note that each variety has its own instructions

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